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770-435-9186 • 1-866-275-9378 • FAX 770-599-2333

Office Hours: West Physics maintains liberal office hours for the convenience of our customers nationwide.


9AM – 8PM Eastern Time
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Closed Weekends & U.S. National Holidays

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Meet Our Team

WEST PHYSICS® is a diverse team of over 100 dedicated individuals working together to enhance, grow and progress the medical and health physics industries.

W. Geoffrey West, Ph.D., DABR, CHP

President & Chief Executive Officer

Zubair H. Abbasi, M.S., DABR, DABMP

Executive Vice President of Operations & Chief Medical Physicist

Dennis L Runnion, Jr., MBA

Vice President of Marketing

Catherine M. Anderko, M.S., DABR, CHP

Vice President of Radiation Safety & Health Physics

Vinobalan “Vino” Durairaj, Ph.D., DABR

Regional Vice President - Central & Senior Medical Physicist

Zachary W. Friis, Ph.D., DABR, CHP, MRSE, DABSNM

Regional Director - Florida, Orlando Field Office Director & Chief Medical Physicist

David Howard, M.S., DABR, CHP

Regional Director - Mid-Atlantic, Philadelphia Field Office Director & Chief Medical Physicist

John Harvey, Ph.D., DABR, CHP

Director of National Technical Operations & Chief Medical/Health Physicist

Gregory L. Heathcock, M.S., MBA, CNMT

Regional Director - Southeast & Senior Physicist Consultant

Clinton Gray, M.S., DABR, DABMP

Regional Director - Gulf States, Mobile Field Office Director & Chief Medical Physicist

West Physics is the premier national provider of medical and health physics consulting and testing services in the United States.

Our customers are the most respected hospitals, imaging centers, and healthcare networks in the country and we delight in continually exceeding their expectations.

Let us assist you with a full range of accreditation, regulatory and other related medical and health physics-related services!

Richard R. Miguel, M.S., DABR

Regional Director - New England, Boston Field Office Director & Chief Medical Physicist

Sandra Paige, M.S., RT (R) (MR), DABR, MRSE

Atlanta Field Office Director & Senior Medical Physicist

Rosa King

Vice President of Administrative Services

Mary Quattlebaum, B.A.

Vice President of Quality & Process Improvement

Andrew Scott, M.S., DABR

Chicago Field Office Director & Senior Medical Physicist

Emily J. Chasteen, M.S., DABR

Nashville Field Office Director & Senior Medical/Health Physicist

Corey Ginetz, M.S., DABR, DABSNM

Houston Field Office Director & Senior Medical Physicist

John Muryn, M.S., DABR

Assistant Regional Director - Winston-Salem & Senior Medical Physicist

Geoff Gillon, B.B.A., CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Sandy Boerstler, B.B.A.

Director of Human Resources

Denotes a Partner with Equity

Denotes a Senior Associate


Over 75 physicists on staff


Our staff holds more than 50 advanced degrees


Our staff holds more than 50 board certifications

Over 140,000 Surveys Performed


More than 2,000 technical staff state licenses and registrations


More than 18 CAMPEP program graduates


Over 6,000 accreditations performed


Over 75,000 On-Site Surveys Performed