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Policies and Procedures

West Physics is pleased to offer for sale our full complement of MRI, CT, and Nuclear Medicine/PET Policies & Procedures. Over the years in the course of our consulting for hundreds of imaging facilities, we have compiled, tweaked, and polished a reference set of procedures which provide facilities with an outstanding procedural baseline. They are designed to provide a new facility or any facility that needs to upgrade its compliance programs with a solid starting point – compliant with industry guidelines and norms (e.g. ACR, OSHA, AAPM, etc.).

In addition to the Policies and Procedures themselves, which come in a complimentary West Physics QC/P&P binder, these document sets also contain relevant patient consent forms and informational questionnaires that tie in with the relevant procedures. We even have Spanish-language versions of many of the patient forms for those facilities that would find those useful.

Some of the subjects addresses in the West Physics Policies and Procedures:
  • Infection Control
  • Employee Pregnancy
  • Pregnant Patients and Contrast Media
  • Breast-Feeding Patients
  • Hazard Warning Signs
  • Incident Reporting
  • Medical Record Maintenance
  • Quality Control & Quality Management
  • & More!
Each modality has subject-specific procedures as well. For example, for MRI, we have:
  • Quench Evacuation
  • Response to a Fire
  • Hearing Protection
  • Restricted Magnetic Field Area
  • & More!

For CT and Nuclear Medicine/PET, we have Radiation Safety, Radiation Monitoring, ALARA Program, etc. Basically, everything that a facility needs to cover the basic health, safety and regulatory compliance aspects of their center.

To produce such a comprehensive and sophisticated set of P&Ps, most facilities would have to spend thousands of dollars and many hours. Save your facility the time, frustration, and expense of reinventing the wheel!

The complete set of Policies and Procedures is available for $1,500 each plus shipping and handling (+ sales tax for Georgia customers). Electronic versions of all documents are provided so that facility personnel may modify the P&Ps to suit.

All sales are final.

Please contact us today to place your order!