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Zachary W. Friis, Ph.D., DABR, CHP, MRSE, DABSNM

Regional Director - Florida, Orlando Field Office Director & Chief Medical Physicist

Zach Friis


Dr. Friis practices diagnostic medical physics, medical nuclear physics, and health physics at West Physics. He came to West Physics from the field of advanced plasma physics. His research encompassed the design of fusion reactors, which utilize extremely powerful magnetic fields to confine plasmas for the purpose of energy production.

During Dr. Friis’s tenure at West Physics, he has practiced medical physics in 49 states, 2 US Territories, and internationally. Now he primarily covers clientele in Florida and the Caribbean. Dr. Friis is the primary MRI subject matter expert for West Physics, which encompasses all aspects of MR Safety. Dr. Friis is board certified by the American Board of Radiology and the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety as a credentialed MR Safety Expert.

Dr. Friis is originally from Valdosta, Georgia.


  • Doctor of Philosophy Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics –
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Master of Nuclear Engineering Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics – Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor of Science Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences – Valdosta State University,
    Cum laude


  • American Board of Radiology – Diagnostic Radiological Physics
  • American Board of Health Physics – Comprehensive Health Physics
  • American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety – Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert
  • American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine – Nuclear Medicine Physics and Instrumentation


  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • American Physical Society


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Z.W. Friis, et al. 2009. “Analysis of neutral particle recycling and pedestal fueling in an H-mode DIII-D discharge”, in Review Physics of Plasmas.

W. M. Stacey, et al. 2005. “Investigation of the cause of the high-to-low mode confinement transition following multifaceted asymmetric radiation from edge formation in DIII-D”. Physics of Plasmas 12, 72518.

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