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Acceptance Testing

West Physics offers acceptance testing services for the full range of diagnostic imaging equipment in service today. The acceptance test is a crucial element of an equipment purchase, whether that equipment is new or used. Our team stands ready to ensure that your facility receives every ounce of image quality and performance from your important purchase – and we have the experience necessary to represent your interests as an unbiased third party. Simply put, purchasing an expensive and complex piece of imaging gear without an independent post-installation test by a qualified third party is like rolling the dice on future performance… let your vendor know that their work will be checked by West Physics and you are assured of the best installation possible.

What exactly is an acceptance test and why do I need one?

Immediately after the installation of a new piece of diagnostic imaging equipment, and (preferably) prior to its first clinical use, an acceptance test should be performed on the equipment by a medical physicist. This test is an extremely thorough survey of the equipment and its capabilities, designed to confirm that the device was installed and set up properly and that it meets all vendor and industry performance specifications. Our intent in the testing is not to summarily accept or reject the scanner, but rather to determine whether there are any performance items that should be addressed with the manufacturer and/or installer before final acceptance of the machine on your part. We work to address any such items in a collegial fashion with the installers and service engineers in order to ensure that the scanner meets all manufacturer specifications. In addition, we will perform testing to determine the machine’s performance relative to industry (i.e., ACR) standards to ensure that the unit will be capable of meeting those standards when you are ready to have it accredited.

Doesn’t my vendor or the seller perform all kinds of performance tests upon installation?

While some facilities choose to simply rely on the goodwill of the vendor/installer to certify the proper performance of their equipment, not having an independent and disinterested check on the performance of highly complex and expensive machinery by a qualified professional is unwise. Additionally, the cost of such a test is typically fractions of a percent of the purchase price of the equipment in question, thus constituting a very prudent insurance policy against future operational problems. By way of analogy, having an acceptance test on newly-installed equipment is akin to employing an independent home inspector during the purchase of an expensive home.

Is an acceptance test legally required?

Many states require this type of test on newly-installed diagnostic imaging equipment for health and safety reasons, though you would need to check with your state for specific requirements. As a national medical physics practice, West Physics maintains familiarity with the various state requirements and we include all required initial tests (and submit the required forms for you as well) in the acceptance test. Finally, you can have confidence that our physicists will be licensed and certified in your state.

Can I get my vendor or the seller to pay for the acceptance test?

Many diagnostic imaging facilities negotiate the acceptance test into the actual sale of the machinery and/or withhold final payment on the device until such time as any performance concerns on the part of the physicist have been properly resolved. From a business perspective, this arrangement clearly provides an added incentive for the vendor or third-party installer to execute a meticulous and successful installation. For the facility planner, it is important to arrange for the acceptance testing as far ahead of the installation date as possible and to keep the contracted physicist informed of any schedule changes or other events which may affect the testing.

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