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John Harvey, Ph.D., DABR, CHP

Director of National Technical Operations & Chief Medical/Health Physicist

John Harvey


Prior to joining West Physics, Dr. Harvey completed his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in health physics. His research includes the accuracy of thermoluminescent radiation dosimeters in practical applications, computerized glow curve analysis, the effects of radon on radiation detectors, and reliability of pocket ionization chambers. He has also participated in research into the computer-aided analysis of radiographic images, which was used to provide radiologists with a computerized second opinion for cancerous lesions in mammography.

Dr. Harvey enjoys teaching basic principles of radiation physics to diverse audiences in order to dispel commonly held myths about radiation and nuclear technology. His teaching experience also covers radiation protection, radiation biology, state and federal radiation regulations, radiation measurement devices, external and internal dose estimation, the principles and history of nuclear energy, and the nuclear fuel cycle.

Dr. Harvey is originally from Plymouth, Michigan.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (with specialty in Health Physics) – University of Michigan
  • Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (with specialty in Health Physics) – University of Michigan
  • Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences – University of Michigan


  • American Board of Radiology – Diagnostic Radiological Physics
  • American Board of Health Physics – Comprehensive Health Physics


  • Health Physics Society
  • American Academy of Health Physics
  • American Academy of Physicists in Medicine
  • Society of Directors of Academic Medical Physics Programs


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