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ACR announces new requirements for accredited MRI sites.

The American College of Radiology has announced that it will begin earnestly enforcing the requirement for accredited MRI facilities to perform the annual physics testing delineated in the ACR MRI QC Manual. According to the ACR web site, “Starting July 1, sites applying for MRI accreditation must submit an annual MRI System Performance Evaluation performed by a medical physicist/MR scientist. In addition, sites must submit copies of their weekly onsite QC data for the most recent quarter.” This requirement will apply to sites going through their three-year accreditation renewals and makes clear the ACR’s belief that acceptable image quality in MRI, like all other ACR-accredited modalities, can only be positively assured with the active involvement of a qualified medical physicist. Currently-accredited facilities not currently performing this annual physics testing (or the weekly technologist testing) are advised to immediately implement the program spelled out in the ACR Manual. West Physics Consulting stands ready to assist those facilities who desire the very finest in physics testing, QC setup and training, and all other areas of ACR MRI accreditation assistance.