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West Physics Announces Fluoroscopy Dose Management Program

A Full Suite Uniquely Designed For Patient Safety And Ensure Fluoroscopy Accreditation And Regulatory Compliance

West Physics, the leading national provider of integrated medical and health physics services, announced today that it has begun offering a full suite of fluoroscopy radiation dose management services to customers nationwide through a turn-key service titled Fluoro Dose Navigator.

Fluoro Dose Navigator offers best-in-class fluoroscopy Equipment Performance Testing, Data Collecting & Analysis, Personnel Monitoring, Auditing, and Practical Training to meet the new 2019 Joint Commission (JC) standards for fluoroscopy at accredited healthcare facilities. West Physics now provides a comprehensive service to JC accredited organizations which ensures compliance for all fluoroscopy users.

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Philips and West Physics form partnership to provide turn-key radiation dose management to healthcare facilities

We are very pleased to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Philips Healthcare to provide a turn-key CT radiation dose management program to hospitals and imaging centers throughout the United States. This partnership will help healthcare facilities establish effective radiation safety programs to reduce patient radiation dose while also delivering optimal clinical image quality.  These innovative new services pair Philips’ dose tracking and analysis software with West Physics’ medical physics and radiation safety expertise, and will also help facilities to meet the latest regulatory and accreditation requirements for radiation safety.  All of us at West Physics are excited to begin delivering these services in concert with Philips to assist health systems of all sizes achieve their CT dose management goals.

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Article on CT Dose Optimization by Dr. West

Please check out the latest article on CT dose optimization by our President & Chief Medical Physicist, Dr. Geoffrey West, in the September issue of HealthCare Business News magazine!

In this article, Dr. West addresses the evolving requirements surrounding CT dose optimization, describes how facilities are addressing the challenges, and provides valuable advice for healthcare organizations building out their patient dose reduction initiatives; all based on West Physics’ industry-leading experiences helping hospital and imaging center clients build and maintain their own programs.

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