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MRI Accreditation

Here are some of the advantages of using West Physics for your ACR MRI physics services:

  • Survey reports are clear, concise, and timely. They give you the image quality information you need in a very readable format and keep the technical language in a separate section designed especially for your service personnel.
  • Our physicists are hand-picked for their abilities to interact effectively with you and your staff and to communicate findings and issues with service personnel in a clear and professional manner.
  • We maintain excellent high-level relationships with all of the major equipment manufacturers. That means that when you have a problem with your equipment that isn’t getting fixed, we can intercede and act as your advocate. Many of our clients were getting the run-around on artifacts or other issues before West Physics came in. Not anymore.
  • We offer unparalleled flexibility in scheduling, billing, and all other areas of the administrative and logistical process. Need a Saturday appointment to accommodate high volumes? We will work with you to make it happen.

Our ACR MRI Service Packages contain the following features:

Accreditation Assistance-

  • Phantom Scanning – we do your phantom scanning for you and evaluate the results immediately to determine whether the unit will pass. If not, we work with your service engineer to get things fixed and then perform a re-test.
  • Clinical Image Review – we can provide assistance with clinical image scanning, advise your staff on protocol changes or enhancements, and evaluate the images for their ability to pass the ACR review process.
  • General Administrative Support – we will walk you through the ACR process from start to finish and can answer all of your questions about how long the process will take, how much it will cost, and how you can maximize your chances of passing.
  • Staff Training and QC Setup – when we come out to perform your accreditation or re-accreditation, we provide complete technologist training, with full Category A continuing education credits. We also start up your ACR-compliant quality assurance program for the required ongoing QC. West Physics provides all of the written materials you will need, including a complete ACR-compliant Policies and Procedures/QC Binder. We provide a complete turn-key ACR solution.

We also provide the required ongoing physics support to KEEP your facility accredited:

Annual Physics Testing-

As part of our MRI service offerings, we provide the required annual ACR physics testing delineated in the ACR MRI Quality Control Manual. This service includes all required ACR physics tests, on-site refresher training (if desired), annual quality control record audit, a turn-key Quality Control / Policies and Procedures Binder, and unlimited telephone consulting for as long as you remain a client. We offer flexible scheduling options, including weekend service at no additional charge (subject to availability).

In addition, during your annual survey, our physicist will be pleased to “top off” your ACR MRI Phantom to remove the air bubbles that form over time and make QC more difficult. This complimentary service will save your facility over $200 versus sending the phantom back to the manufacturer for filling.

Quarterly QC Reviews-

In addition to the required annual ACR physics services, we also recommend to our clients that they consider offsite quarterly physics reviews. These consist of an off-site review of records where your staff would fax or mail photocopies of the last quarter’s weekly QC records and our personnel review and sign those records. This records review ensures that negative trends are spotted early and that testing (and record-keeping) is being done correctly. This review also gives your QC radiologist, who is required to review your quality control records quarterly, peace-of-mind that everything is in order.

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