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Cynthia Goodman Mumma, M.S., M.S.E., DABR, MRSE

Senior Health Physicist



Ms. Goodman Mumma, dually-certified by the ABR in both Diagnostic Radiological and Medical Nuclear Physics and a certified MR Safety Expert (MRSE), has over 25 years of experience providing diagnostic medical physics support for all imaging modalities in both clinical and R&D settings. In addition, she has served as the RSO radioactive materials, x-ray, and linear accelerator programs for large health care networks in the South and Mid-Atlantic regions. Prior to joining West Physics, she served as the institutional Chief Physicist for Imaging, RSO, and MR Safety Officer for a tertiary care network in Pennsylvania.

During her career, her scope of services has continuously expanded to accommodate the diverse needs of the institutions she has served. Examples include development of testing protocols for kV radiographic and CBCT components of accelerator On Board Imaging devices, internal dosimetry calculators for SIRT microspheres procedures, technology assessments of emerging modalities such as spectral CT and wide-angle digital breast tomosynthesis systems, design and implementation of patient dose monitoring programs for CT and fluoroscopy, and provision of support to MRI services as an MRSE in evaluating implants for scan clearance–in addition to maintaining currency with changing regulatory requirements for diagnostic x-ray and accelerator programs, and radioactive materials programs authorized use under 10 CFR Parts 35.100 through 35.1000 as well as Part 37 (Increased Controls).

In addition to clinical services, Ms. Goodman Mumma has been actively engaged with medical physics teaching and education through the provision of classroom instruction in radiological physics in RT and CNMT training programs, development of web-based certification and training modules for non-radiologist physician operators of fluoroscopy units as well as radiation and MRI safety refresher courses.

Ms. Goodman Mumma maintains professional interests in physics education, MR safety, and the development of programs and protocols developed towards maximizing the dose efficiency for all modalities utilizing ionizing radiation.

Ms. Goodman Mumma is originally from Oklahoma.


  • Master’s of Science in Radiological Physics – The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
  • Master’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering – The University of Washington College of Engineering


  • American Board of Radiology – Diagnostic Radiological Physics
  • American Board of Radiology – Medical Nuclear Physics
  • American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety – Magnetic Resonance Safety Expert


  • American Association of Physicists in Medicine
  • Health Physics Society


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