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Brielle Grantham, M.S.



Ms. Grantham graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology from Jackson State University. She later joined the Mississippi State Department of Health, where she served as a Health Physicist. As an HP for the state of Mississippi, Ms. Grantham conducted inspections, completed licensing actions for licensees and registrants, and served as a member of the emergency response team for the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson, MS. During her time there, she attended numerous trainings hosted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Transitioning from regulatory compliance in 2016, she served as the of Radiation Safety Officer for an educational broad scope license. Ms. Grantham joined the team at West Physics as a Health Physicist where she plans to continue her work in the field.

Ms. Grantham spent her early childhood in California and Mississippi, where she would later receive her education.


  • Master of Science in Hazardous Materials Management – Jackson State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology – Jackson State University

Netiti Moori, MBA



Ms. Moori has been in the field of Medical Health Physics for almost 14 years. Before joining West Physics, Ms. Moori started in the field working as a student intern at Brody Medical Radiation Safety Office in Greenville, NC. After her internship, she was hired as NC Radiation Health Physicist Inspector. There she earned her certificate of training in MQSA and gained experience in x-ray/ mammography compliance, equipment performance testing, and radiological emergency response. Ms. Moori continued to further her career by working for a major broad scope medical/research hospital. Her experiences are in x-ray regulatory compliance, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy application.

Ms. Moori’s interests include face-to-face training, developing operational programs, and regulatory compliance. She was involved in developing fluoroscopy performance training according to Joint Commission’s standard, served as a liaison with regulatory inspectors, and contributed her expertise in therapeutic nuclear medicine.

Ms. Moori is originally from Eastern North Carolina.


  • Master of Business Administration – Colorado Technical University
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health – East Carolina University

Jordan Pugh, M.S.



Mr. Pugh graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Master of Science in Health Physics. While in graduate school, he interned with UAB’s Occupational Health and Safety Radiation Department as well as the United States Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. His graduate internship projects included the determination of the radioactive materials waste management process for UAB’s Support Facility and the examination of alternate decontamination methods of depleted Uranium metals at Aberdeen Proving Ground research laboratory. Mr. Pugh joined West Physics in February 2019 as a Health Physicist.

Mr. Pugh is originally from Montgomery, Alabama.


  • Master of Science in Health Physics – University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology – The University of Alabama


  • Health Physics Society

Amelia Miller, B.S.



Ms. Miller graduated with a B.S. in Health Physics from Idaho State University.Prior to joining West Physics, Ms. Miller worked in the Environmental Monitoring Laboratory at Idaho State University and in retail management. While at Idaho State University, she was active in the Food Emergency Response Network (FERN) under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and served as president of the ISU chapter of the Health Physics Society. Ms. Miller joined West Physics in June 2018. She is currently working as a Health Physicist.

Ms. Miller is originally from Pocatello, Idaho.


  • Bachelor of Science in Health Physics – Idaho State University


  • Health Physics Society